Preoperative Preparation Program

Your doctor has discussed with you the major lifestyle changes that you will need to make before your surgery, to get ready for after surgery. Not only will this make a laparoscopic operation more technically feasible, it will hasten your recovery and ease the transition after the operation. There are three components:


You are expected to lose weight before the operation. The types of diet are up to you, but please select a program that has worked in the past for you and is nutritionally sound (in other words, no fad or starvation diets). Many patients decide to start the diet that they will be on after surgery, one that includes 40-60 grams of protein each day, no starchy foods and not eating more than three meals per day. In all cases, avoid between meal calories – liquid or solid.


The expectation is that you will exercise at a minimum of three times per week, working up to a goal of 30 minutes each day. This will make your heart stronger, enable you to mobilize quicker after surgery and will enhance your weight loss. If your doctor has ordered a cardiac stress test, please wait until you have results from that test before increasing your current exercise.

Nutritional Education

When you get home from your surgery, it is important to know what you can and should eat, and how much. Most patients are on a liquid diet for 3-6 weeks after surgery and during that period, it is important to get 40-60 grams of protein (with very low sugar). The time to do research and determine what types of liquids you prefer is before the surgery.

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